We Teach To Ones Who Wants To Learn

Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Art is such a vast subject. Art is there inside every aspect of life. Moment we realize That Eye For An Art, our perspective changes completely. You can do everything artistically. You can make everything artistic. The passion for being an artist is always there inside us. We just have to allow that passion to come out and spread the wings to fly. Moment you start feeding and satisfying the artist inside you, you feel so relaxed and so refreshing. All your stresses and all your worries, will start melting away. A new world, a new lifestyle will happen to you. When you allow that strong feeling to learn a new art form and start creating art pieces, you allow new possibilities, new hopes into your life.  

So when you are ready for art, you will find someone for sure, who will teach you, guide you, hold your hands and take you deeper in the world of arts. I found and learned from so many teachers and I am so grateful for them. Art has transformed my life. Not only my creativeness got a new exposure, but other aspects of my life, improved a lot too. Art really works deeply to your being, to your soul, to your heart, to your mind.

Great teachers are passionate about what they teach and respectful of those they teach.

~ Michael Josephson

Whenever I teach to students, I feel as if I am sharing myself, my being with them. They not only learn from me, but I also learn while teaching. My students complete me and my art work.

Be A Student.

Be A Teacher.

Be Crafty.

Get In Touch.

Kruti Makwana

Creative Director

Crafty Corner By Kruti

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